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Each month we carefully select a variety of toys, chews, treats and goodies, as well as health and pamper products that will help maintain your pets health and happiness whilst bringing you great savings on RRPs! If you like an item you’ve received in your Jammy Pet hamper, please let us know and we’d be delighted to tell you where you can get more of it.


Meet Steve Leonard

Our very own Jammy Vet!

Here at Jammy Pet we take the health and happiness of our four paw’d friends very seriously and who better to help us with this than Steve Leonard! Steve works as a small animal vet in Cheshire, where he comes across all sorts of interesting cases helping our beloved pets. Steve can often be seen on TV presenting documentaries or giving his advice on news shows. Whatever he is doing, Steve has a wealth of experience to offer, and at Jammy Pet he shares with us his thoughts and views on interested cases he has worked on and things we should know when caring for our pets. Pawsome!!

Why choose us

We love pets

At Jammy Pet the health, wellbeing and happiness of your pets is at heart of everything we do.  We believe that the contents of our hampers should not only entertain your pet, but it should also care for their health and welfare.  That’s why we carefully hand select items each month, and have a team of much loved pets that try, test & approve each item!

Hand picked products

If your pet is fed up of the same old treat, toys & snacks that you bring home from the supermarket then a Jammy Pet hamper is just what they need.  As a British business, we try our hardest to source the contents of our hampers from British designers, manufacturers and producers and where we have to cross waters we ensure it’s for a special product that can’t be matched in the UK.

We are making it right

Those pets who are lucky enough to have owners who subscribe to a Jammy Pet hamper for them are some of the luckiest and well loved pets in Britain.  However, not all animals are so fortunate and we believe in trying to help those in need!  That’s why for every hamper bought a donation of £1 will be made to our chosen charities.